Consulting Services


Judy shares her expertise in San Diego, 2012.

Would you like to be an Entrepreneurial Linguist, don’t quite know how to get there, and need some one-on-one advice?

Are you a beginning linguist and are looking for structure and guidance on how to get started?

Do you have a new translation-related product and need some insight into the market?

Do you need customized advice on how to become a certified court interpreter?

Are you an aspiring court interpreter and need individualized advice as well as a practice session? Would you like to do a personalized mock exam, get error analysis and study advice based on your own strengths and weaknesses?

Do you want to grow your business and work with direct clients?

Let Judy help you achieve your goal with a consulting session. These can be either done via Skype or in person (travel charges apply outside the Las Vegas area). Clients from California to Germany and Abu Dhabi have booked sessions and have successfully implemented the lessons they have learned.

There are several packages to choose from, and we can put together a personalized package for you. Here are the basics for those who want to become Entrepreneurial Linguists. Packages vary depending on the client’s needs:

$300 for two hours includes the following:

  • In-depth conversations about your goals, background, etc.
  • Definition of your short- and long-term business plan
  • Personal SWOT analysis
  • Review/critique of existing website or basic drafting of ideas for future website
  • Analysis of your skills, abilities, and where best to market them
  • Recommendations for tools to maximize your time and efforts
  • Recommendations for basic search engine optimization, public relations efforts
  • Ideas on how to reach direct customers
  • Pricing strategies (as to comply with ATA rules, no price recommendations will be made)
  • Assistance with drafting marketing texts
  • Extensive question and answer period
  • Additional hours after the two-hour session can be booked at the discounted “Preferred Entrepreneurial Linguist” rate of $100/hour.

Logistical details:

  • Two-hour minimum for all over-the-phone or in person (in Las Vegas) sessions
  • If client does not have Skype and lives outside the U.S., additional phone charges will apply
  • Las Vegas sessions will be held at the location of client’s choice (office or home)
  • Alternatively, consulting sessions can be offered at comfortable local executive office. Additional charge of $45/hour.
  • Four-hour minimum for out-of-town sessions
  • In-person sessions includes personalized folders, written materials, notebook, and customized business ideas
  • Clients will receive consulting session outline prior to the session

A few client testimonials:

I highly recommend Judy’s consulting services. Our two-hour call was packed full of direct, actionable feedback and advice that I could immediately put to use to improve my product. Judy is very professional and she was well-prepared for our call which allowed us to cover a lot of ground in a very short time. Her deep industry knowledge paired with her keen entrepreneurial and marketing skills make for a great combination. You won’t regret signing up for one of her sessions!  Kevin Dias, April 2014

My consultation with Judy was worth every penny. I felt like I had plateaued as a freelancer and wasn’t gaining any traction in my efforts to move to the next level. Judy is very easy to talk to and laser-sharp, and she helped me analyze my situation from a marketing and industry perspective. She also gave me a bag of tools that will help me put all these ideas into practice.  I’m convinced that two hours with Judy has put me strategically where it would have taken me two years to get on my own. Marie Brotnov, November 2013 

Judy’s consulting session was the most gratifying and worthwhile experience I have had as a language freelancer. She prepares thoroughly before each session, so that when the actual meeting happens it’s tremendously productive. You leave the session with a  personalized game-plan and feeling empowered. Anabella Tidona, April 2013

I’d like to thank you a lot for that very insightful session we’ve had. I highly regret not having this session before. You should be very proud of yourself for providing such useful services.
Nouf Al-Khaja, United Arab Emirates, August 2011

Thank you for a fantastic session. You really know your topic. I learned a lot of things and am really happy I made the trip. Totally worth it. Grite Storm,  Translation French, January 2010

I loved the session. It was packed with marketing advice and business planning and gave me lots of practical tips on how to become a successful entrepreneur. I cannot wait to get started on this and looking forward to nurturing my business and business thinking. Thanks Judy! Tess Whitty, Swedish Translation Services, March 2010

If you would like more information or would like to book your Entrepreneurial Linguist session, please contact Judy.