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  • Elizabeth Walsh

    I would like to RSVP for the Entrepreneurial Linguist Workshop 2-6-10.

    Thank you,
    Elizabeth Walsh

  • Dear Judy and Dagmar,
    I am so happy to have discovered your book. I am sure it will be very helpfull for all translators and interpreters from all over the world.
    Have you thought about translating it into other languages? I would be very happy to cooperate with you. I have emailed you my resume. I will appreciate if you have a look at it.

    Best wishes,
    Yulia Kleshchunova

  • Jordi B.

    I have discovered your book via @nzudaire, and it looks very interesting. However, your ebook is only available on PDF, which is not the best decision for an ebook, since the text is not reflowable for smaller screens.
    I hear that Lulu also publishes as ePUB. Will you consider publishing in this ebook-friendly format?
    Thanks in advance,
    Jordi Balcells

  • Very good point, Jordi. To be honest, we had not planned on releasing an e-book, just a printed book, but at the last minute, the online publisher, Lulu, offered us the option of an e-book. We dedided to go with it! We hadn’t thought about other formats, but now that you bring it up, we will. We will look into it. If it requires any more formatting changes, we won’t be able to do it, as our layout expert doesn’t have any time available. If we can use the exisiting layout, then we will certainly do it. We will keep you posted, thanks for your thoughtful comment! We are a bit buried right now, but it’s on the top of our to-do list.

  • Vince

    Congrats on your book!

  • Marta Giralt

    This is the most interesting book I ever read in its field. It helped me a lot. My new small business is growing up thanks to your advices.
    Again, thank you.

  • Thank you so much, Marta, for the kind comment! Much appreciated. We are delighted to hear that it is helping your business grow — that was precisely our intent. Good luck on your entrepreneurial journey!

  • Fernando Cunado

    I finished reading “The Entrepreneurial Linguistic” a few days ago. I’ve spent a delightful time reading this book. It should be a “must read” for everyone in the translation industry, not only for beginner, but for experienced translators too. It contains a lot of wisdom and common sense (often, the less common of senses) on how to manage a one-person business. Working this way you can enjoy even more this wonderful profession and, for sure, make your business thrive. Thank you very much for your book, Twins.

  • Paula Pitkethly

    I am completing a masters in translation at the University of Westminster, London, and your fascinating book could not have helped me more with practical steps to take in setting up as a freelance translator. I’d really love to attend the ITI Scottish Network event in Stirling on 4 June but can’t make it – partly due to the distance. I hope it goes well! Any chance of a similar event closer to London any time soon?
    Many thanks!

  • @Fernando: Thank you so much for the sweet comment, Fernando. We thought we’d replied, but apparently we had not. Thanks for taking the time to tell us that you like our book!

    @Paula: We are happy to hear that our book has been helpful! Good look with finishing up your degree. Sorry you can’t make the Stirling event. I will also be in Dublin on June 11, but that doesn’t help you because that’s far, too. There is nothing planned for London for this year, but if I get invited, I’d be so happy to go. :) Please keep on checking the “workshop” page — as soon as presentations are announced, I add them there.

  • I enjoyed your webinar on August 31, 2011. I believe one of your slides said note taking was not necessary. However, the audio failed to connect and obligated me to teleconference, so I missed the beginning of what I’m sure was great information. At any rates, I took notes on what I heard. Something we practice that I felt was worth repeating was that e-mail should be reviewed by someone else or let time pass before sending it. All too often, misdirected or angry e-mails ruin business. Well done.

  • Glad you liked the webinar, Emily! Sorry to hear you had some difficulty with the audio early on. However, the recording of the entire webinar will be available for free at the Speaking of Translation website ( It should be up in a few hours!

  • I’m so grateful to the colleague Giuseppina Gatto who advertised your book!
    I consider it a Bible for translators. I read it again and again: every page is full of great ideas, useful tips and plenty of interesting issues.
    For people speaking Italian: I made a reveiw of your book on my blog You can read it starting from moonday, sept. 19th.
    Congratulations and thank you for sharing what you know!

  • Michelle Gonzales

    I recently attended the AAIT conference in Atlanta, GA and enjoyed your presentation. Now I am taking your advice about building a website. However, the video tutorial on YouTube to which you refer is no longer available. Do you have a new suggestion for a similar tutorial?

  • Hi Judy and Dagmar,

    I really would like to read your book which has been recommended by a collegue, but I would appreciate if it was available as a kindle ebook via Amazon.
    Do you have any news about a release in this format? The last comment on this was published quite a while ago…
    Please think about it! I truly recommend this, ebooks become more and more important these days. Even in Germany where I live.

    It really would be a great opportunity of making your book available to more people around the world. Thanks a million!

  • Hi Leena!

    Thanks so much for your message and your interest. You are right; it’s been quite a while. We have looked into the issue a bit, but have not yet taken action because we are just so swamped with work. However, we will ask our fabulous webmaster to investigate further to see what we can do about this. In the meantime, you might like the printed book — should look good on your bookshelf! It’s also on (our preferred site and the publisher) as a PDF, which we know is so 20th century!

    You are absolutely right that having it on the Kindle would make the book even more attractive to people around the world. Unfortunately, Amazon pays its authors very low royalties for their work, so we have to check that out, too. Thanks again for your interest. :)

    Judy and Dagy

  • Michelle,

    So sorry — we thought we had posted an answer to your comment, but it got stuck in the queue a few months ago. Try this link for Google Sites. It starts with a very short video and has lots of good info about how to get started:

    Glad to hear you enjoyed the Atlanta presentation. :)

    Judy and Dagy

  • I look forward to meeting you in London next week! :)

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