Are you an Entrepreneurial Linguist?


Dagy (left) and Judy in downtown Las Vegas, 2012. Photo by Ulf Buchholz.

It doesn’t matter that you are small (or very small, or tiny) business. One person is enough for a business. As a matter of fact, we’ve learned that many of our customers enjoy working with small businesses, as there is less red tape, there’s direct contact with the decision makers, there’s no unnecessary politics, etc. Be proud of your small business!

Does the following describe you?

  • I am both a linguist and an entrepreneur
  • I run a for-profit business
  • I don’t compete on price and don’t believe in undercutting colleagues
  • I think of myself as both a business and a professional
  • I believe linguists need to be compensated fairly
  • I am not afraid to go after new business
  • I would like to work mainly with direct clients
  • Technology is my friend: I find new tools that work for me
  • Negotiating is not fun, but I do it often and succesfully
  • I am not easily intimidated by larger companies
  • Being a small business makes me proud
  • Creating long-term relationships with both clients and colleagues is a priority
  • Time management is something I am fairly good at

If these statements mostly describe you, then you are on the right track! Let’s all think of ourselves as educated, highly specialized professionals who need to command adequate prices for our professional services.

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